Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Why paint..

Painting is a relief.

It is a set of experiences one carries deep inside one's self, that is desperate to get out.  It is a representation of the story. The catharsis of the moment.  In the act and in the design, it provides an overwhelming sense of peace.

It is at once isolation and intimacy.  It is silent conversations with yourself. A slow moving dance with the essence, the remnants of the emotion that finds form and shapes and colors and smells and textures.  Like blood on a white canvas.

It is the only resort when every other form of expression is constrained.  When the words sound too small and music too loud. But the brush!  The brush feels free and fluid - to say it all.

And when its over, there is relief.  There is peace. The turbulence finds calmness. Like sand at a shore after an angry sea retreats. It is smooth.  And black.  And laid to rest.  The music sounds beautiful and the words come alive.

 The world becomes a beautiful place again.


Unknown said...

That's really deep. Remnants of the past or the foundations of future or the base of creating a new universe.

Vaibhav said...

Peace of the mind the painting of the queries of the inner soul or the answer thereafter. It's like creating a mirage in a desert, the education of the uneducated or teaching an u taught.

Vaibhav said...

Dance in rain after a desert walk, emminene of the sorrow or love affair of the teacher with a lowbrow.

Prof. Rakesh Basant said...

:-) :-) Very nice. The implied superiority of the brush (painting) over the 'pen' (word) and the string'(music) is interesting too! To me all kinds of creative expressions reflect felt as well as un-felt emotions. Even in painting as in words and music one is not able to fully articulate all these emotions. The beauty of all these expressions is that different people can potentially find different meanings in the same creative expression. As a painter through your brush you provide 'sound'or tune'to the colour, the tints on the canvas are your words. How do you know that these 'words'and 'tunes'have fully articulated your emotions. Just like paintings can be quite abstract and therefore 'intangible' music and words can be as 'tacit'! Sorry, got carried away...keep painting though! :-)

Surga Thilakan said...

@Prof B.....so nice to see you here. Agree with everything you said. I didnt mean to imply that the brush to be a superior medium than words or music for all, it is my experience of it that i find it easier to paint than say. Agree that paintings can be abstract and words can be tacit :-)) and everything is at best a partial representation of the 'mood' :-))

@Vaibhav - beautiful! mirage in the desert....dance in the rain, after a walk in the desert...all lovely!

Vinu said...
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Vinu said...

@Surga - I agree well said. As usual you write very well - expressive. I feel art is therapeutic - cathartic sometimes! Keep them coming. Especially the pain-tings

Surga Thilakan said...
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Surga Thilakan said...

@vinu - thanks :-) therapeutic yes!

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