Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Atomic Love

[Acrylic on Paper]


snigdha said...

this painting leaves me mystified. each time i look it has different meaning. do put us post on it.luv.

Ink said...

hi chache, it is based on a poem that i read where the poet says he is like an electron of an atom and his lover is like the nucleus. here is the poem:

Atomic Love

We are made differently,
Yet bound close together
And cast away for eternity
All the result of some mad experiment

We are close and yet apart
I keep my distance
Even as I orbit you...
The singular focus of my universe

And yet every now and then
At the slightest perturbation
I seek to escape, break these bonds
And explore... examine.. test our valence

My restlessness does not amuse you
You react violently.. fire and brimstone
Lashing out at the slightest provocation...
Life as a free radical is not for everyone

It does not seem to last long though
I mostly lose all energy... sometimes you draw closer
And things drop back into our old unstable equilibrium
Our fickle inertia keeps the world from falling apart

Some day we will find others
To cohabit with in stable relationships
Until then, I'll complete you... you'll complete me
And together we will live our moment

snigdha said...

great, this painting has done justice to poem.

Ink said...

@chache; you like the poem :-) ? its a little bit science geeky

Ink said...
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snigdha said...

yes i like it. reality differently portrayed

Faces among faces

Acrylic (with knives only) on canvas