Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Colors of India

[Acrylic on Board]

Phir lauta hai khurshid-e-jahaantaab safar se
Phir noor-e-sahar dast-o-garebaan hai sahar se.
Phir aag bharakne lagi har saaz-e-tarab mein
Phir sholay lapakne lage har deeda-e-tar se.
-Faiz Ahmed Faiz

A translation :)
Again the sun returns, bathing the world in its journey,
Again the morning light goes hand in glove with the sky.
Again the fire roars in every merry song,
Again the flames leap from every weeping eye.


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The Wag said...

This is just gorgeous...make them buy your paintings to finance your day job :)

Harsitha Sakhamuri said...

hey do you think we can use your painting as a background image for our flier? we're having a fundraising event for our nonprofit organization called visions which helps fund education for disadvantaged children and your painting goes well with our event. Please let me know at sharsitha@yahoo.com or you can leave a comment below. Thank you.

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