Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Jack's Confusion

[Oil on Canvas]
Inspired from the very post modernist and one of my all time favorite movies, The Fight Club, here is the first of a series - Jack's inflammable sense of Confusion. Its also my first abstract art and is a representation of a dark mind that is caught swirling in confusion between alternatives. The conflict is a choice of cool bluish serene realistic alternatives with the romantic idealism of an orange fury.


Saloni said...

Beautiful, love this one.

Ink said...

sal, thanks....its also my favorite of all my paintings so far :)

Pshycolitian said...

this is an amazing painting.... I cant stop myself from asking who is jack!? ... great painting .. I keep coming back to see your work.. amazing..

Ink said...

jack...ahem! watch fightclub....thanks for your wonderful comments!

Sanjukta said...

Lol "who is Jack"

I don't know if you meant it to be that way but I could see a lot of beauty amidst the confusion.

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