Sunday, March 08, 2009


Its been a while since I have put up a painting here. Not for the lack of painting, it is just that I have had a frustrated painting period. I have stuck to doing still lives and landscapes and now I just find them dull and uninteresting. In the past, I have been doing compositionally simpler paintings due to lack of time. I have usually found weekends as the only time to paint and I have tried to do paintings of smaller sizes and minimal detail to complete the paintings within the time. I have skipped the detail. I now want to do a fewer set of paintings but those that also involve composition, colour, ideas, details, modern. I have attempted to do a cityscape several times and failed, often frustrated. I find that it's usually because I haven't planned or visualised the painting in my head before I have started. I find it difficult to stick to contours of an under-drawing, I have found it inhibiting in the past to prevent a free flow. I find that it is not possible to paint cities by ignoring the angular - much of it involves sticking to form in definite proportions and this has been difficult to do. So here is my first attempt at breaking out. Will start with a fresh cityscape in greys and blues.

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Faces among faces

Acrylic (with knives only) on canvas