Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Outside The Wall

Back to blogging – yay! The return to homeland wasn’t as seamless as imagined….amazing how such an insignificant time apart can reset so many assumptions of existence. I have often wondered why some are more malleable to change than others – I, for one, belong to the category that set the heart and soul free to soak up each experience, with the constant result that several components of my former self are continuously redrawn, recolored. Too much energy has been spent these last few months in rediscovering those earlier shades, those shades that allowed for a costless existence in this ‘home’ (!) – too much energy lost in rebuilding stability (albeit, the silent undertone of ‘unknown’ staying constantly as a faithful friend whose job is to remind). And predictably, the much feared painters block found its potent path into my head forcing yet another long creative glut.

There is an increasing debate on how to tackle a block – in any medium of expression. Some believe the right way to face the fire is to jump into it headlong…..in this instance, get down to a painting schedule and force the block out. This approach has never worked for me, a) for its regimented nature destroying the innate free spirit of the expression and b) for the lack of those oh-so-important inspired moments. (Duane has an interesting article on what constitutes the inspired moments here). So mostly one is left with no choice but to live it out, controlling panic in the knowledge that ‘this too has passed’.

A trek with some friends to M M Hills on the border of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka provided that inspired moment. 2 paintings followed in quick succession with a third one evolving in the head as one writes, waiting to burst out. Finishing touches are being added to both and will be put up shortly.

In the meantime, also discovered this oh –so-cool tool called sketchcast – I am not the kind of person who one could classify even remotely as tech friendly. In fact, one of the reasons I love (and I truly cant find a more limiting word in the context) oil paints is its classic appeal – the knowledge that our ancestors from 400 years ago also used these materials romanticizes the appeal way too much for me. Yet, I really enjoyed using this tool – it’s a fun thing to use the different colors – I loved the water color feel to it. Play in fast forward as it is a 20 min vid. The mouse was really hard to control on the laptop!! So please to forgive the jerks.


Vinu said...

:-) nice stuff. I guess liking what you are doing and the joy from the end product of doing something out of nothing i.e painting out of white paper - thats the beauty of unknown!

Jeemol said...

Wow! the sketch thing was great.
(A bit too slow for fast paced me though!!!!)

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