Saturday, August 04, 2007

And one year later…..

I have jumped!! From the firm hold of my job as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs International, London into the world of unknown…..following a vague notion of fulfilment …Of hope, love and change. Of a desire to contribute, to make that bit, however tiny, of difference. It is an open wide field with infinite paths of various colors…I am now only familiar with the shades that I will choose, the definitive path is yet to be discovered.

I have resigned this week from GS and taken the plunge. I will be returning to Bangalore, India by first week of September and looking around for a bit. Spending some time rediscovering roots. With this ends my time as a hard nosed banker. I have had a most interesting peek into this very exciting, even if void world. It has been a world so contrasted to the one in my thoughts, that I have often felt quite external to it…like watching a movie – a passiveness. Have seen big games played out at close quarters. Have travelled, met the most interesting people and made many friendships. Worked the 120 hour weeks. Complex analysis, tougher negotiations. All in a world where to optimise is to dehumanise.

I didn’t anticipate the smell of freedom would be so ethereal. It feels light and truly joyous!!!!

I am finally free.


Angika said...

Many, many congratulations. I admire your bravery :)

tush said...

I came from a link in Makdee's blog... want to say thqat your paintings are simply fantastic!!..:)
All the best for everything..
Tushara (was a yr jr to u @ IIM-A)

Faces among faces

Acrylic (with knives only) on canvas