Sunday, March 25, 2007


(Oil on Canvas)

Water falls
Apart in air
Hangs like hair
Light installs
Itself in strands
Of water falling
The cliff stands
- Samuel Menashe

I loved the making of this painting. To my mind, it is unity of the two elements - the solid beauty of the cliffs and the calmness of the still water. Each as beautiful, as strong, as soft, as deep as the other. Each incomplete without the other. In blissful harmony together.


Conrad DiDiodato said...

Hi Ink.

I love your artwork!

Wonderful Oil on Canvas. I love writing ekphrastic poetry (poems for paintings). I'd love to do one for this (if I may)

Ink said...

Hi Conrad,

Thanks for your wishes. Will be wonderful if you could write one for this....I looked around for a while and didn't quite find something that fit...

I wish I could write poetry..never have so far. Thanks so much again.


Conrad DiDiodato said...

Hi Ink,

please look under your "Dark side of the moon" blog entry for my poem entitled "Ruby Moon".

Hope you like it!


Saloni said...

This is by far my best painting! I love ur work....When are you making one for me?

Naman said...

A man's perspective (perhaps) - the "cliff stands", despite the onslaught of nature. It stands due to the unity of the different rocks.
(by combining, both, the poem and the painting)


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