Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dark side of the moon

(Oil on Canvas)

And if the dam breaks open many years too soon
And if there is no room upon the hill
And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon

- Roger Waters, Pink Floyd


Conrad DiDiodato said...
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Conrad DiDiodato said...

Hello Ink (again)

Just made a few quick revisions to poem. I hope you like it. Seems made for your "Dark side of the moon".


"Ruby Moon"

A shimmer in eel grass is all you really are—
September freak! See the toothy eye
look back at me and
how she snorts and trails day
after wearying day, in that long leggy drag
of hers.

She's piebald and all that, too,
a dragontower to look
a good long time,unevenly, over this and that,
a too mouthy, magical stony stare.

Thanks mostly to the clasps up there, though,
loosed somewhere between a full and formless,
I'd myself like to tidy the folds—
I like my Ruby in lacy folds!

As lovely, frail & salty a sole
showgirl of the earth as I'll ever get,
& as smart a pair of smart thighs, I still dream Ruby moons.

I vow the moon I love's never outdone,
either. Notable her work, she sails, too, my lone ship,
on a meager, laughably two-thirds sea;

she's a triple crown, worn low over the eyes,
making her a heart-crusher, as also
a kind of pale sun spun round and round!

Roes below, steam-breathing, lap the dews,
fields lie numbstruck, a good long time
without quinoa, and no passion fruit either for
the jacob sheep, gone

gone under her passionless night, scattered
from dale to brook, north & south.
By the sharp-edged horns, I know all too well
that touch, anywhere,
of the panting pale-sun queen looking for her sheep!

So stands the heart, once full
and feels down below, withering hourly at the edges,
like an eel-grass moon (half-rotund),
gritty to the core, & with two long powdery hands
for hacking fields and roes.

© Conrad DiDiodato 2006

Ink said...

Hi Conrad,

This is beautiful indeed!! Really honoured...

" I still dream of Ruby moons"..very nice

Thanks so much

Conrad DiDiodato said...

Your very welcome, Ink!

Glad you liked it. It was delightful to drop in & offer a poem. Your artwork is brilliant. Do come visit my 'blog' sometime.

Bye and all the best to you!


Saloni said...

This is a beautiful piece of art! When did you do this? Never saw it before

Faces among faces

Acrylic (with knives only) on canvas