Friday, September 08, 2006

Little blog break

Off for a 20 day European cum Scandinavian trip beginning tomorrow.....Stockholm, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Paris, Monte Carlo/ Burgundy and a few days in India. And then Amsterdam the w/e after.

Promise to put up new painting when back in London and settled into new home. In fact, a particular little subject is developing in mind quite vividly, cant wait to put brush to canvas asap!
Taking a bunch of cold pressed paper, water colors and acrylic along for this trip.....not my favorite medium, but given quickness of drying etc, I think its the only practical way to paint/ sketch while traveling. Not painted with water since 10 years, so will be interesting to see how using oil for what seems forever now has disrupted with basic techniques of water coloring.

Also books to read - catch 22 (been planning for loooong, not yet gotten down to reading), origin of species (yeah...geek me) and a few others...apart from the usual survival guide, the lonely planet, though honestly don't think will get beyond catch 22.

More later....tra la la....


Sriram said...

hey, good to catch up with you yesterday. Never knew you had this creative side to you. Great paintings.. Keep in touch

the wag said...

Hello Ink,
"Break" suggests resumption cannot be far behind... and yet thou seemest to have disappeared...other anonymous blog keeping oyu busy?...get painting girl... or at least talk about dead guys who paint...

Ink said...

Prof Sriram: Hey, thanks for the comment. Given our rather interesting conversational history, I really do cherish it! T'was good to see you at IIMB as well.

HumVee: Thanks da, have been really waiting for a long time now to get down to doing one. Unfortunately the banking cycle has finally caught up with me, and that combined with an unexpectedly extended vacation and recruitment process has resulted into huge amounts of travel. Hopefully will be in London this weekend (for the first time since blog break post), so will put up something soon. Anon blog not yet started, perhaps will not be anon after all, and will be linked in to the same profile.

Ps: I have been severely reprimanded by a certain someone for what is supposedly a very "uncharitable" and meanish comment on your blog on Dpoo's hair !! Did you know of these very strong protectionist instincts?? T'was news to me :))

Pps: hope they are all growing back at breakneck speed!

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