Sunday, August 13, 2006


After 3 months of inactivity, finally managed to start painting again :))

Now normally, each painting takes about a couple of months for me to complete.....redoing parts a zillion times until almost satisfied (have hardly ever reached a fully satisfied stage for any painting, except perhaps one). Have decided from now on to attempt a new style : rough cut, semi finished versions but done very quickly, leaving detail aside.

Heres the first one of the series :)) : a bouquet of white and pink pretty roses that caught my attention on the way home ..............done in an hour..yipee!! :))


Sissyphus said...

heyy - welcome back! now u can buy yourself a beret and be a reeel artsy types. loved the paintingo f the sea, super!!

inkognito said...

SPooh: Many thanks and all :)) yeah, finally back after what seems like ages!! thanks to the chilled out summer scene....

Will attempt the view from parachute as suggested....methinks it shud mostly reflect FEAR! :))

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