Thursday, August 17, 2006

Still life #2 (Pineapple)

Didn't use brushes for this still life ...only a knife...loved the rough texture of the pineapple skin.


Hip_Prudester said...

OH MY GOD!!!! dear I.,
what are you wasting your time as an investment banker!! Dear woman, you're truly, truly gifted and I exaggerate not. And i agree with Wag, post all your originals.. beats any "dead man's" paintings..:))
I have absolutely LOOOVED the ones u have posted so far...
please keep them coming..
you're amazing.

inkognito said...

GeeBee (somehow Heebee sounds a lot cuter!),

Thanks so much dear :) You are indeed kind with the words and encouragement. It is wonderful to see nice things said about one's work...

Paintings aside, what I am doing buying and selling companies, I truly dont know...hope to sort that bit out soon.


Deeplydeep said...

really nice..the texture is really good. it aint at all look like its your first time with the knife.

also thnks for all the encouraging comments!

inkognito said...


"first time with the knife" sounds pretty dramatic :)) but yeah, had never done one only with a knife before....

now attempting one with only fingers :) Is this an experimentation week or what?? Inspiration for this one is a sunset from my diu trip of last year...will put it up soon.

Faces among faces

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