Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cross roads

Its been 2 months now since I entered the blogging world and I must say, I am thoroughly enjoying myself :-) ! Addicted to posting and checking others blogs - do a daily round -up of a bunch of blogs for updates and have great thrill in doing this sneakily at office hours :)) Ok, all those from Goldman here, please put your hands up NOW!

The blog in the meantime seems to have taken a life of its own. Yet another lesson in the futility of grandiose mission statements :-) Didn't plan for this to be an "arty farty blog" of sorts when I started, promise! However, here I am, caught in a loop of actively painting every free minute and excitedly posting thereafter. The original intention of starting the blog has however gotten lost in the midst of my little colorful world. Separately, over the past few weeks, inkognito's identity has been revealed: partly self inflicted and partly unintended.

So, have decide to split paths now. Henceforth, this blog will be a focused play ie only about the paintings, in an attempt to avoid clutter with the travelogue, poetry, opinions, other random blogs and also to hopefully keep this side alive. I am starting a new blog to keep the journey going.......new blog to be under the cover of anonymity again, yes, plain cowardice at one level and too much familiarity of the space interfering with a feeling of being free at another....

Muchos gracias to all my lovely visitors here for all the wonderful encouraging comments....truly kept me going.

Tra la la......here's to a new road...a new song....


Deeplydeep said...

its ok: i can now tell people about my blog - without the fear !

boulder one is nice...!

Hiren said...

If you like comments, try to restrict yourself to one blog. Even to get a good response on one blog conistently is a good achievement. That is my experience.

gaurav said...

I found your comments on the Rashmi Bansal's blog CA vs MBA and travlled to your blog to find a totally different perspective. A CA, MBA working for an IB who paints... that's an interesting profile. Incidentally, I am a CA too, went to Podar too and maybe plan to do a MBA soon (though IIM-A is not my cup of tea)! Also, welcome to the world of blogging... It is addictive

inkognito said...

R: Thanks da, slightly different in the sense that this was also supposed to be an introspective/ cathartic blog of sorts when originally created. Not yet brave enough to state thoughts with own identity, hence cowardly act of creating another incogneato blog. This one to be exclusively for paintings henceforth.

Hiren: Thanks for coming back dear. Not yet decided my mind about the comments. They are wonderful to read when put up and do a brilliant job of motivating to keep blogging, a vindication of sorts. But that and a need for a free expression is where the conflict is. As in, a good response is not an end in itself, the need to express, and express freely seems to be the more dominant purpose at the moment.

Gaurav:Hey, welcome! Great to get to know a fellow Podarite, fellow CA et al. R (deeplydeep) above is also all of those things :)) Yeah, the addiction is out of control (gee :)) both checkin blogs and posting. Good to know there are other insane souls around :)

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