Saturday, August 05, 2006


This is a post I have been wanting to write since I started this blog, perhaps it should have formed a part of my first post, but staying true to randomness of things, here goes…

As with many blogs, this blog is largely cathartic. It is an anonymous blog; it just felt right this way, almost as if it were my own private little world, far away from the insanity I conduct myself within on a regular day. I wanted to seclude myself here from everyday reality, fill it with my thoughts, things/ experiences that have given me lasting joy …yet, hoping alongside that somewhere serendipitously some unknown lone wanderer might drift past through happenstance and this space would strike a chord.

I wanted to run away from the ‘gang’, my own wonderful people who I have lived such a large part of life with, who have seen me through the various tides, hoping that I stayed afloat, cheering when I did….people who sung my songs, cried my tears, fought my battles, prayed to my Gods…. people who now watch silently, concerned, as I drift through, resolving yet one more of those turbulent times…people so near, yet so far.

I wanted to run away from anything that sounded remotely like investment banking, MBA, business, money, trading, startup, blah … to keep this place sacred :)

It has been truly exciting so far, I am glad I started this. It’s a different kind of excitement to throw random thoughts into a vast blank space….something about the vastness of the space is comforting in itself, yet not knowing who it might reach and not giving up hope that it might is even more rousing………on that note, post for the week (based on last weekend’s travel to Swansea in Wales) coming up soon....

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S said... almost all the posts on ur blog....really wish u find happniess in whatever u do! and hopefully some of your qualities do rub off on me :-) ....feel so naked, haven no specific interests in art or literature (music, drawings, poetry, etc...)!!
Keep going!

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