Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The first step...

Finally have got down to it. It is unlikely that this space will interest a casual reader, who might happen to stroll past. It is a space where I hope to explore hitherto unchartered physical terrains of this beautiful world that is ours and write about my travels and experiences of life through them. There will be no regular update on this blog, I will write when I travel…or if my mind travels without the physical journey and reaches a place where I feel a need to pause, reflect and move on.

I also hope to be able to write on the expression of life through art - mostly through my favorite medium of oil on canvas - a naive attempt to interpret the brilliance of the techniques/ expression of some works that have absorbed me at different levels. I have no illusions on my inability to write poetry, however I will post some poems that I have really enjoyed - a below the belt tactic to increase number of posts :)

Adios Amigos …… here I go…………..

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Hip_Prudester said...

Welcome to the Blog world! :-)

Faces among faces

Acrylic (with knives only) on canvas